How to Make Cinderella’s Pumpkin Carriage

 We all grew up with the story of how Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother turned a pumpkin into a carriage with just a “Bippity, Boppity, Boo!”.  But in trying to recreate this for a competition at work I found that this is easier said than done!

We were given pumpkins to choose from at work.  I made sure to pick the most roundest one!  It also couldn’t be too big, since it’ll be perched on something.

  Inspired by the mice that helped Cinderella, this empty ribbon spool served as the front, smaller wheels

 I love me some Quik!!  I took advantage of my addiction by using an empty can to make the back, larger wheels.

 I had some pipe cleaners in the house, so I used those to give the wheels some spokes.

 We also had some garland that I picked the flowers off of to be used to give the carriage a more viney feel.

Now for the golding!  I painted the spools with gold.

In a well ventilated area (in this case, outside), I used gold spray to golden the stem.  The tricky part was that the gold kept running, which is why I used a paper towel to soak up any extra paint.  A regular towel would probably work better.

 I gave the pumpkin several layers of white paint and used an egg carton for the door.  The door was painted white with sparkly sugar-like crystal powder added, a vintage button as the door handle, and gold trim painted around with a “C” in the middle for Cinderella.

 Before putting on the door, I painted a big pink circle on the pumpkin.  I attached red fabric on each side of the circle, bunched them, and tied them with gold yarn.  I also crocheted a braid of this same yarn and attached it around the pink circle as a frame.

*Shout out to a good friend who took this pic of me hard at work with Foxy taking advantage and climbing on my lap lol

 This is the zebra that sacrificed its stripes for the sake of the pumpkin.  I painted him completely white, gave him blue eyes, a fancy feather behind his ear, and used thin leather ribbon for a muzzle and to connect him to the carriage.

 I added white sugar-like crystals all over the pumpkin with glue.  I cut off a disco ball from a keychain to use as the sparkling top of the carriage.  The leaf garland was also sprayed gold and glued around the wheels.  I golded a wooden bead and added a pink crystal gem at the top as a lamp and glued it by the door as well.

We cut out characters and added them around the carriage!

Here is a close up of our sacrificial zebra ♥

A coworker had this beautiful Cinderella castle that completed the look!

Stars, sparkly confetti, and Brittany’s idea of quoting “Once Upon a Time” was perfect!!

I hope this has fueled some creative inspiration in you!  Remember, it doesn’t take much more than faith and will power to make your dreams come true!!!


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