Joy to the World!

Christmas is a special time of year filled with celebration. However, it is a tough season for many, as well. Having a J.O.Y.-themed party will bring Christmas cheer to all!

As a little girl, I memorized to heart a song that said, “Put Jesus first, and Others second, and put Yourself at the end of the line, and you will find to join your life to J.O.Y.” It was brilliant! And so true… The lyrics are what this party theme is based on. 


As guests join together and gather, have something to eat and drink for them. This would be a great time for someone to read the story of the birth of Jesus. This can be found in the beginning of Matthew or Luke in the Bible (I prefer the International Standard Version, direct translation from the original language to today’s English). You may also want to do a prayer circle before heading out to do the next portion of the party. 

Find a local volunteer opportunities your group could help serve at. If you’ve ever seen Undercover Boss, you know these are everywhere once you look for the opportunities. During holidays, we gravitate to places that feed the homeless, but there are also many other opportunities to volunteer with an organization that helps the community. You would want to research beforehand in case there are requirements or applications for the volunteers to complete. 

Once you finish the activity, it’s time to gather again, enjoy a nice Christmas meal, and share stories from the day. This would also be the time to exchange gifts, such as a Secret Santa. I recommend against the White Elephant because you don’t want someone’s joy to be stolen along with a gift they are loving! You could also or as an alternative take turns to exchange kind words about each other, with each person going up and selecting someone from the group to encourage. 
I hope this unique party brightens everyone’s Christmas season as you all team up to bring a little J.O.Y. to the world! 

House of Heroes: a Superhero Christmas!

What better way to celebrate the birth of the world’s all-time Superhero than by uniting all heroes for the event? Here are some ideas: 

When we did this party, we had everyone come in costume. It was so much fun!

Super Christmas trees!

They got creative with this hanging Spiderman

DIY Ornaments, because superhero ornaments are hard to find and/or expensive. 

Pins turned to superheroes with some paint!

You can make these by supergluing a figurine to the lid of a small jar and filling with glitter confetti and water

Hero stockings with capes!

There’s a Superhero supply store in Brooklyn (which is actually an undercover tutoring school). They have tons of ideas in superhero decoration. My fave is the sign letting you know of the invisible superhero mobile in the room. Instead of sectioning off an area, we would save space and say it was suspended from the ceiling. You can include a sketch design of what it looks like (there are tons of cool car sketches online).

Who you gonna call?

These supply’s names can be used for food/drinks or use empty paint cans with these labels as decorations.


A cape tester area with a fan blowing would make a great photo spot!

Have people make these about themselves, or everyone can draw names from a hat and make them off each other. It could be a fun getting-to-know-you activity!

Rule #1 for the secret identity program!


Honorable mention: isn’t this the most awesome supergift??? Made with Lego superheroes.

Hope you have fun, take lots of super pics, and let me know how it turns out!

Sunday Thoughts: Faith & Wonder

​Prayer is the crossroads of what we know and what we don’t know. 

What we do know is strong. It’s awesome. It’s solid. It’s bold enough to outweigh what we don’t know and strong enough to carry it through the darkest of times.  

What we don’t know is held by faith and wonder. They may sound like opposites — faith is belief while wonder questions — but they actually work hand in hand in our lives.

Faith challenges our egos and tells us we don’t need to know everything. It asks us to trust in the almighty God who created us and holds life. He is the author of faith and grows it in us patiently, like a merciful father.

Wonder provides a sense of mystery and play. It leaves room for exploration, as we ask questions and seek to know God. We then get to know Him and His lavish love in deeper and deeper levels.

Never lose your faith; never lose your sense of wonder.

A Christmas Whobilation! Dr. Seuss Grinch Theme

“Maybe Christmas,” he thought, “doesn’t come from a store.  Maybe Christmas perhaps, means a little bit more.” 

Can you believe Christmas is just 12 weeks away?! It’s our turn to host the family party in our house, so I’ve been coming up with theme ideas to try to convince my fam into doing. Hehe… In delighted anticipation, I will be sharing these ideas with you all starting today as the 12 weeks of Christmas! (Yes, I just made that up.)

Our first theme goes with one of my favorite Christmas movies: How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Jim Carrey did an amazing job of portraying the main character. So much went into the recreation of this whimsical world and people that lived in the imagination of Dr. Seuss, and it’s so much fun to delve into this as well, so let’s go!
The main thing is: Keep things whacky and creative. (Bonus if you make up words, extra bonus if it rhymes.)

Now, on to some idearrific thinkings!


You could tie a written note with the Whobilation details on a candy cane. Did you know if you warm them up, you can bend them into whacky shapes? So Seussical!

Grinchmasy invitations: 

Tip: A Whobilation can be a fun costume theme, so make sure to tell your guests if you’d like them to come dressed in their Who-gear. We even had a contest for best Who-hair!


This idea for the outside decor is genius!

These signs are cute!

Some Grinchy door decor ideas:

Now for the interior…

Click on the Christmas tree to learn how to make it!

This garland is so clever. Balloons and cups to make it look like giant ornaments!

This toilet decor will catch guests by surprise with a chuckle!

This giant candy cane was made from a pool noodle


You can add green food coloring to everything or have normal things with Seussical names (hello, Garlic In Your Soul Rolls). Check out these ideas and click on the photos for recipes for the item shown:


Hairstyle Contest

This is so much fun, creating crazy hairstyles and doing stuff you never knew your hair could do! Check out these ideas: 
Add an item like this cute teacup to a headband to recreate this cute headpiece!

Add a bottle or upside down disposable cup to the top of your head to get that height: 

Glue candies to bobby pins to recreate the look below: 

Use pipe cleaners in braids to shape them into gravity-defying styles: 

For the men, anything whacky will do with a probable use of a curling iron: 

Don’t forget the trusty doggy costume!

Honorable mention

Cuz he’s just too cute!!!

The Grinch found that Christmas is not in a store or under a tree. Christmas is a celebration of the best gift of all: the birth of Jesus, who gave His life for us on a tree. You could follow what one church did and call it How the Grinch Found CHRISTmas to tie it in. 

Enjoy your Seussical Grinchmas party and let me know how it goes!

The Cup is Half…? Some Positive Thoughts in a Negative World

I used to live life with expectancy. Not the good kind; I was waiting for the next bad thing to happen. I figured if I prepared mentally for it, it wouldn’t take me by surprise and wouldn’t hurt as much. That didn’t work. Not only did I still hurt just as much when bad things happened, I lived every day with the weight of the question, “What’s going to happen next?” and fearing a dreadful answer. 

Then, I read something that changed everything. I had read it many times before, but this time, it flipped everything upside down (or, I should say, right side up). “…From glory to glory”. Not from valley to valley, but from mountaintop to mountaintop. The Bible verse talks about the transformation we are going through to look and be more like Him. Some versions say “ever-increasing glory”, which is even more exciting!

God sees what’s around the corner. He will be with you through the valley of the shadow of death, but He leads you to green, life-filled pastures. He knows there are bumps in the road, but He also knows the destination will blow your mind with amazingness. No matter if your cup is half-full, empty, or whatever it may be, He is pouring of Himself into it until you’re overflowing if you allow Him to. Get your hopes up, because His plan for your life is one of ever-increasing glory!

Artsy Party!

My adorable niece is the creative kind and always looking for a next project to work on. It’s amazing to see what she will do next! In honor of her birthday, I gathered some ideas for an arts & crafts party. Check it out!

Purchase thick-handled paint brushes (thrift store finds would work). Print out sticker labels with all the information, and stick them on the handles. Another option is to get paintbrushes with dark handles and use a gold or silver metallic pen to write brief party info on one line (example: Amberlys b-day 8/20 @ 2pm). It will be a memorable invitation!


You can alert guests to B.Y.O.S. (Bring Your Own Smock) but even better would be to provide a bin of smocks for guests at the entrance to the party. You can go to the fabric store and get washable knit fabric in fun colors. Add a tie on to it by doubling an inch thick piece and sewing it together at the length. Make it into a craft time project for each guest to decorate their own smocks. Provide fabric paints, iron on designs, and appliques. Cute party souvenir!


As guests begin to arrive, you want to get them in creative mode right away. A hands-on project would break the normal tension of the beginning of a party and get everyone involved while you wait for guests to arrive. 

Arrange a painting area where you can tape up large sheets of paper. Provide paint so kids can come up and make creations. It can be a finger paint project or you can provide paintbrushes as well. 

You can also fill eggshells with different paints and have guests throw it at the paper to create a fun masterpiece!


Sidewalk chalk can be a bit pricey, so why not use flour for some sidewalk art? Provide flour in mini paperbags or ziplock baggies. You can also give stencils to fuel creativity.


Prepare these popsicle stick arm cuffs beforehand and have items for guests to decorate theirs with on hand! Check out the full tutorial here.

For the more active guests, arrange tape across an above corner and provide magazines and newspapers guests can get pages from, crumple, and throw up. This will combine into an abstract art like no other!


Check out how to make these cool paint brush treats here!

Find out how to arrange these fun snacks here!


Making this cake palette cake looks super easy! Click here to see the tutorial!
Get your Pollock on when you make this cake! Check it out here

Hope you have an awesome party! Let me know how it turns out 😊