Before You Say Goodbye (This is Not a Political Rant)

Yes, it’s true: today the United States will have a new president. However, I would like to steer your eyes away from the news and talk about our perception of value. Although not a political post, it is inspired by the fact that there was so much criticism about the Obama administration the past 8 years and now comments on a superb, legendary presidency (#BestPresidentEver). I am neutral and have no opinion on this, but the stark contrast in the message being pushed made me ponder.

You know that saying you don’t know what you have until you lose it? It’s true too many times, and one of my most unfavorite things about goodbyes. Someone is leaving or is suddenly no longer a part of your life, leaving memories and moments like leaves fallen from a tree for us to sweep up and bag. Sometimes, we’re able to say goodbye and let them know what they mean to us, showering them with all-of-a-sudden praise. Other, more unfortunate times, there is no time nor room for goodbyes, and words are left unspoken like echoes in an empty hallway of closed doors. 

Do you see the value of the person next to you? The person who picks up your garbage, who serves you coffee, who sits next to you at work, who lives under your same roof? If he/she was suddenly no longer a part of your life, wouldn’t there be something missing? Why don’t you tell them, show them in an endearing, yet, non-creepy, tasteful way? Show the people in your life their value now while you still can, while they are still there. 

Don’t wait for goodbye. Don’t wait to let someone know what you admire about them. Think of how you can let them know today, then go out and do it. K, bye ๐Ÿ˜‰

The Laugh Post ๐Ÿ˜‚





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    make the spontaneous sounds and movements of the face and body that are the instinctive expressions of lively amusement…

To laugh is such a good feeling. Scripture says it’s medicine for the heart. I can remember one of the toughest nights my family went through. I found my mom praying by the couch. She had been kneeling so long she was now just leaning on it with tissues all around her. I put on a homemade family video I knew would make her laugh. When other family members came in, there were no discussions about what was happening, just time spent together laughing. It was indeed the medicine we needed.

I recall another night where I looked up some funny YouTube videos. There are a ton of on-the-air news mishaps that had me laughing until I cried. I had the best sleep that night!

Think of the times you have had a good laugh; a subdued chuckle; a smirk remembering a funny moment. I’ll share some here, and you can comment below to share your own!

  • Laughing so much it becomes an ab workout laugh
  • Chuckling to yourself when you remember something funny laugh
  • I finally got the joke laugh
  • So deliriously tired that everything is funny laugh
  • You don’t know what else to say nervous laugh
  • This guy is cute and I’m being shy laugh
  • This guy is also hilarious laugh
  • This ride is so much fun laugh
  • You caught me by surprise laugh
  • Trying not to cry at a beautiful thing laugh
  • Corporate laughter during a meeting laugh
  • When everything keeps messing up and all you can do is laugh
  • Funny meme laugh

Laughter is such a beautiful gift from God! Share your reason to laugh in a comment below. I’ll help inspire that laughter with this video!

Then our mouths were filled with laughter, and our tongues formed joyful shouts. Then it was said among the nations, “The LORD has done great things for them.” The great things that the LORD has done for us gladden us.

Psalm 126:2-3

6 Months to Live

That’s what the doctors told her. โ€‹Read closely and see the doctor’s  prognosis 5 months ago of missionary Dialis Romero: end stage congestive heart failure; terminally ill; assigned to hospice; only months left of life. Her daughter said, “We’re not going to accept that,” and an army of prayer warriors got to praying. 

It’s one thing to hear of someone being healed. It’s another to hear the person’s cries of agony through the night, incessant coughing, going completely deaf, not able to walk, seeing them in a hospital bed as frail skin and bones, wondering if this is the last time you’ll see them alive…..and the next time you see them, they’re completely fine. 

Dialis had a large mass in her lungs that is now just a scar. She can hear perfectly fine now. Her heart is no longer a concern. The doc told her she would need dialysis for the rest of her life; she is no longer on it. According to the report, December was supposed to be her last month alive. God clearly has other plans.

What a mighty God we serve!


Joy to the World!

Christmas is a special time of year filled with celebration. However, it is a tough season for many, as well. Having a J.O.Y.-themed party will bring Christmas cheer to all!

As a little girl, I memorized to heart a song that said, “Put Jesus first, and Others second, and put Yourself at the end of the line, and you will find to join your life to J.O.Y.” It was brilliant! And so true… The lyrics are what this party theme is based on. 


As guests join together and gather, have something to eat and drink for them. This would be a great time for someone to read the story of the birth of Jesus. This can be found in the beginning of Matthew or Luke in the Bible (I prefer the International Standard Version, direct translation from the original language to today’s English). You may also want to do a prayer circle before heading out to do the next portion of the party. 

Find a local volunteer opportunities your group could help serve at. If you’ve ever seen Undercover Boss, you know these are everywhere once you look for the opportunities. During holidays, we gravitate to places that feed the homeless, but there are also many other opportunities to volunteer with an organization that helps the community. You would want to research beforehand in case there are requirements or applications for the volunteers to complete. 

Once you finish the activity, it’s time to gather again, enjoy a nice Christmas meal, and share stories from the day. This would also be the time to exchange gifts, such as a Secret Santa. I recommend against the White Elephant because you don’t want someone’s joy to be stolen along with a gift they are loving! You could also or as an alternative take turns to exchange kind words about each other, with each person going up and selecting someone from the group to encourage. 
I hope this unique party brightens everyone’s Christmas season as you all team up to bring a little J.O.Y. to the world! 

House of Heroes: a Superhero Christmas!

What better way to celebrate the birth of the world’s all-time Superhero than by uniting all heroes for the event? Here are some ideas: 

When we did this party, we had everyone come in costume. It was so much fun!

Super Christmas trees!

They got creative with this hanging Spiderman

DIY Ornaments, because superhero ornaments are hard to find and/or expensive. 

Pins turned to superheroes with some paint!

You can make these by supergluing a figurine to the lid of a small jar and filling with glitter confetti and water

Hero stockings with capes!

There’s a Superhero supply store in Brooklyn (which is actually an undercover tutoring school). They have tons of ideas in superhero decoration. My fave is the sign letting you know of the invisible superhero mobile in the room. Instead of sectioning off an area, we would save space and say it was suspended from the ceiling. You can include a sketch design of what it looks like (there are tons of cool car sketches online).

Who you gonna call?

These supply’s names can be used for food/drinks or use empty paint cans with these labels as decorations.


A cape tester area with a fan blowing would make a great photo spot!

Have people make these about themselves, or everyone can draw names from a hat and make them off each other. It could be a fun getting-to-know-you activity!

Rule #1 for the secret identity program!


Honorable mention: isn’t this the most awesome supergift??? Made with Lego superheroes.

Hope you have fun, take lots of super pics, and let me know how it turns out!

Sunday Thoughts: Faith & Wonder

โ€‹Prayer is the crossroads of what we know and what we don’t know. 

What we do know is strong. It’s awesome. It’s solid. It’s bold enough to outweigh what we don’t know and strong enough to carry it through the darkest of times.  

What we don’t know is held by faith and wonder. They may sound like opposites — faith is belief while wonder questions — but they actually work hand in hand in our lives.

Faith challenges our egos and tells us we don’t need to know everything. It asks us to trust in the almighty God who created us and holds life. He is the author of faith and grows it in us patiently, like a merciful father.

Wonder provides a sense of mystery and play. It leaves room for exploration, as we ask questions and seek to know God. We then get to know Him and His lavish love in deeper and deeper levels.

Never lose your faith; never lose your sense of wonder.